The FIEA Residues to Revenues 2013 Conference series marked the 5th running of this biennial event  in both Melbourne and Auckland this year. With international wood bio-energy experts from USA, Canada and the United Kingdom this conference was the idealouting to get a global update on business and industry trends for the wood energy sector  AND to network with the people who know the business best  the practitioners and technology suppliers and the INNOVATORS.

The needs of the industry people who attend this conference are the key focus for FIEA. Every conference begins with a global overview and as per client feedback we then included speakers on local business developments and a taste of innovations coming into the field.

Our audience for Residues to Revenues/CleanTECH conference series continues to expand with each running of the events. From wood processors to technology innovators and from local government infrastructure operators to forest contractors we have a growing mix of delegates every time. The widening appeal of this conference subject also means we are able to draw on a wider pool of expertise for our speakersprogrammes.

Heres a summary of our 2013 FIEA keynote speakers:

BROOKS MENDELL  from Athens, Georgia was the keynote speaker. His consultancy work in wood energy gives him the ideal insight to gauge the chances of success of the hundreds of bioenergy and cleantech startups that are announced every year around the world. Brooks presentation focused on his key criteria/scoreboard to measuring the likelihood of start-ups being viable let alone successful were judged as EXCELLENT by everyone who attended this 2013 FIEA series. He also make personal networking seriously and many of our FIEA delegates enjoyed the insight he provided them with during the each of the two days of both events.

DON ROBERTS  As the leader of an international Canada-based bank, CIBC, analyzing the CleanTECH sector Don Roberts had useful and extensive intelligence that complemented the approach taken by Brooks. Dons fact-packed presentation left many of the delegates with information overload  compensated by the printed presentations handed out on the day. His main message was the cheapness and abundance of shale gas put a serious question mark against some of the more expensive wood energy options around the globe. Dons view always put the big picture perspective clearly into the mix for those folks attending who are busy energizing local wood energy schemes to make residues produce revenue.

KEITH RICHARDS  As the architect of both the supply and demand sides of a local wood energy scheme in the heart of the United Kingdom, Keith showed people the thinking globally (about how wood is good for energy) combined with thinking locally( building supply and demand centres close to each other) is the secret to success  for his clients in the Thames Valley. Keiths experience was instrumental for guiding people from the various rural centres around Australia and New Zealand who can see the opportunities for wood energy and just want to focus on making it work profitably for the local industry. Keith was open and illuminating in talking about the practical challenges he has had to overcome in the past 20 years of doing just that.

Access to conference presentations has been provided for everyone who attended the 2013 conference series. For those who missed the events, you can obtain access to these by joining FIEA as a member.

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Thanks to everyone who attended this years conference series. We will keep you updated in and on the next conference in this CLEANTECH series.

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